Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

marker fun

Just the other day I was thinking to myself how lucky we are that Brooke has never colored on the walls. Well, as luck would have it that same day I fell asleep for a few minutes with Rylan and woke up to see blue marker all over Brooke's naked body and on the wall. She is definitely into coloring now and she did do a good job. I just kind of shrugged and said, oh boy it's bath time. She took an hour long bath and it still wouldn't come out completely! Story time at night is so fun because any time she says a word or gets anything right we hug and celebrate, it's so cute! I say I'm so proud of you, so she says that too! This morning I needed to finish getting her ready to go to work but she wasn't cooperating so I was counting to three but got stuck at 2 because she was so cute in her Princess house saying I see you mommy! We were dancing tonight and she starts shouting Go Mommy! Go Mommy! while clapping and stepping side to side like I was in the middle of a circle at a dance! It was hilarious! Rylan's going to have so much fun with his big sister!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trip to Utah

I gotta say that I had so much fun in Utah with Megan and her family! I really like her man Bobby - he finally got my approval! I am so happy for her and she looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress and it was a wonderful reception. I love the snow up there but did not miss the cold! It was good to see my family up there as well and it was so nice to have my mom up there too. I missed Judd and Brooke terribly but Rylan was a great little travel buddy. I have so many memories of Utah and my college days! But could I ever live there now? It's just too far away.

i should be in bed right now

I am exhausted, and they always say that when you're baby sleeps that you should be sleeping too. So I should really be in the bed right now, but I will write a bit in here first because I haven't in forever. I now have less than 2 weeks left of my maternity leave! Where has the time gone? It is going to be so hard to not be with that little one 24 hours a day! He is just so cute! He actually slept really well last night - meaning he only got up twice and after he ate he went right back down! It was great! But he's the easy one! Brooke is a doll but whoa momma is she a handful! For example, today to get her dressed I literally had to tackle her and sit on her - lovely picture I know! I managed to do her hair with ease but then she takes off her socks and shoes and won't eat her breakfast. She spilled my smoothie on the carpet and then it was off to the sitter's to give mommy a break. Today I watched the inauguration, rode my indoor bike, then went to Magnet to observe the gymnastics class that I am applying to teach next year, so we'll see about that. At home we watched Brooke's favorite show - The Wiggles, played with her toys, danced - her favorite activity, and she was naughty so I put her in time out on her stool in her room but then she didn't want me to come back in and was still sitting there, so I left for 5 minutes and I got worried because it was very quiet - never a good sign. I went inside and was horrified by both the sight and the scent! She had poo pooed and smeared it on the floor and was all over her. Mommy was not happy at all and had to deep clean the room and Brooke. She enjoyed dinner but definitely enjoyed her ice cream - she's like her mom in this regard. At the end of the night though, after the battle with her diaper and pijamas - she just melted my heart. She was an absolute angel getting ready for bed with brushing her teeth, giving kisses to everyone, reading books, saying prayers and saying I love you. It sure makes dealing with her crap - and I mean literally her crap - easy because she is just so precious and I love her so much!