Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have 2 more weeks left of work before summer vacations! I'm really ready for the break. I'm actually not going back to work for First Baptist Church School next year, and am not quite sure where I'll be and what I'll be doing yet. I know it will all work out but am not sure what the best thing to do is just yet. I am also getting my Master's degree in 2 weeks, so I'm pretty excited about that. I really don't even want to attend graduation, but Judd and Scott talked me into it. I hate graduations though. They are so boring! But I have worked hard and it'll be nice to celebrate it.
I love teaching the kids at my school and will really miss being with them. It was fun to be at Field Day with them last week!
I just got zumba certified last month and I love it! It's a lot of fun, but it's pretty hard to get a routine together and memorize it. It's just finding the time to practice that's challenging.
Today is mother's day and I think it's one of my favorite days. I love being a mom so much! It's a day to celebrate that honor and privilege and also a day to relax and get to feel pampered. It was cute to see Brooke sing with the primary. I loved getting cute gifts from them that they made at school. Judd made me breakfast and cleaned. I got to celebrate the mother's in my life also. My mom is so awesome and I'm so grateful for her. I get to see her tomorrow on her way up to Dallas to help Brent and Laura with their new baby that they are having tomorrow! I'm so excited for them! We went to visit Judd's mom yesterday and it's so nice to have her in town now and get together with family. The kids have a blast playing over there with their cousins Owen and Layla and Noah. We went to Judd's dad's house today for lunch with Adrian and Amanda and it was great hanging out with them. Then we went to Scott and Tracey's house tonight with Nathan and Jenny to celebrate Scott's birthday. We are so blessed to have so much family around! I'm so glad my kids get to grow up with so many cousins around. We wish we could see everyone more often.
Brooke has been playing T-ball the past few weeks and Judd has been her coach. It's been pretty fun, but I don't think she still quite gets the idea of the game. She doesn't really pay attention when she's out in the field and doesn't really get where to run after she hits, but she tries! That's how a lot of the kids are at that age.
It was a lot of fun going to her Field Day and cheering for her. She loves her school and her teacher, Mrs. Crank. She also loves that we do a babysitting co-op on Friday nights so she can play with her friends. She loves playing with Lydia and Kayli. We will really miss the Dyers who have been in it with us. They just moved to North Dakota. We love our ward so much, but sometimes it gets hard to see people come and go so often being with so many military folks. There are so many good people that we get to meet, but it gets hard to say good-bye so often to people.
Rylan loves his daycare at my school with his teacher, Miss Melody Wheeler with his buddies Jake, Morgan, and Shepherd. She always says he's such a good boy, so happy, always puts things on his head, always finds new tricks to do, and she thinks he'll be a gymnast because he's jumping and flipping and stuff all the time. He loves to play t-ball at the house. He absolutely loves his little sister Ava. He is always talking and playing with her and making her laugh.
Ava is already 5 months old and is such a joy. She is very expressive and loves to be talked to. She loves her attention, that's for sure. She is so stinking cute! If I'm tired or frustrated, I just look at her and feel so much joy and innocence. Babies and children are amazing in that they can make you feel so loved and give you perspective on everything and remind you of the purpose of life.
I still teach a few aerobics classes a week. Judd is doing a 3 months without sugar challenge with some people, but no thanks - count me out of that!
Judd and I are still teaching the 4-5 year olds in primary together and we have fun doing that.
We love taking family bike rides together. Judd pulls all 3 kids on his bike.
I love my family so much and am a very blessed mommy!