Sunday, July 10, 2011

trip to Utah, Master's degree, 4th of July weekend

Amanda and I, the kids, Tracey and I on 80's night, me and Judd, and Judd with Dominik and Adrian

We put the kids to bed tonight and they just stayed in their room giggling together for like 15 minutes. It was so funny! We have been potty training Rylan this week and it is going so great. Potty training always brings me anxiety because, well come one, it's just no fun to do. It's one of those parts of parenting that sucks. But it's going surprisingly well. We've talked about it and "prepared" him for it until I felt he was ready, and he's doing so well I'm shocked. He uses Brooke's pink little potty but that's okay. It's actually a bonding activity because I'm spending so much time right next to him so he goes all the time and he gets lots of high fives and "knucks". So we've actually spent more time at the house lately because of it and it's been kinda nice. We did got to a Luau birthday party at Jacque's house last night and it was fun. The kids were so cute in their Hawaii garb and the food was all amazing.
Judd and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary Friday. Yay! Anniversaries are cool because we got to just celebrate us and our love and talk about our memories and dating and our wedding and everything. It was so fun! We went to Which Wich on the Boardwalk (love that place) and then saw a sucky movie (Larry Crowne) then had awesome yogurt at Orange Leaf and then to his mom's house to hang out in the hot tub with some martinelli. His mom was so nice to come to our house and watch the kids for us. He wrote me a really sweet card too! I'm married to an awesome guy that loves me so much and is a great husband and father!
I found a lady to watch Rylan and Ava when I start work again from Craislist. Her name is Whitney Thompson and she is wonderful. She watches kids at her house while she homeschools her own kids and is so loving and great with kids. She's only $25/week per kid too!! I went to her house and felt really good about it. It's a relief to now know where they will be.
I've been thinking about how much I love my family and how neat it is that my world revolves around them and their lives revolve around me. It's like everything I do is for them and to develop them and help them to grow and be prepared to have their own families. And so is the circle of life. My parents did everything they did to help me be prepared to be a great wife and mother and person and the now the cycle continues. Judd and I got to talk about the temple and our wedding in Primary today too. We went to the Spanish group meeting at church today and the kids were much better and the spirit was really strong. Ana our old babysitter is in it. We got our temple recommends renewed this week and it was a nice feeling to answer those questions and know we're living our lives in accordance with the gospel. Obviously we have our imperfections, but we are striving to live like our Savior and keep our covenants. I'm just so thankful for the temple and its blessing and for a loving Heavenly Father that has given us them.